Mar 26

Great Granny & Granda Stevenson


Date: March 2011

We have many happy memories of our beautiful great, granddaughter hayley. We loved watching her antics on the floor when she came to visit, playing with her toys, her favourite fluffy weasel and  showing off. Hayley was given so much love and attention by everyone, but she was never spoiled.

We only had the pleasure of buying her one birthday cake, and one lovely pink and white birthday outfit, she looked lovely.

Paula brought hayley to see us before her heart surgery, we give her a big hug and a kiss.We never dreamed it would be the last time we would ever see her. Hayley never got a chance to go to the big family christmas party to play with all her wee relatives.

We love and miss hayley very much. We will treasure her memory forever.


Lots of love,

Great Granny & Granda Stevenson xxx