Jan 06

Auntie Karen


Date: January 2011

Rembering Hayley brings back memories that are both happy and sad at the same time. Being my first time as an auntie was ever so exciting. Not only having a new life around us but the very special times it brought to everyone that knew her.

Her first christmas and the laughs we got when the red snowflake dress I bought her didn’t fit her till easter (but we pretended the photo was at xmas).

I was nicknamed her ‘personal shopper’ and even when not sent for anything I always ended up buying her something (shopping centres loved me). Everything had to be pink, not ordinary pink but a tarty pink. At Easter she loved her big yellow easter bunny with her name on it, was nearly as big as herself.

Her coming to see us in work was the highlight of the day, playing with folders and eyeing up every inch of the office.

The innocent picture I took of her with her winter hat on was taken as she was so cute in it and little did I know it would end up literally across the world.

Hayleys excitement at her birthday party was seen by everyone, I only got her balloons but she took such fun out of them.

That was Hayley, easily pleased, easily amused and so terribly missed.

Auntie Karen x